In a world where shadows dance and whispers sing, Brenyama emerges from the mists, weaving a tapestry of heavy guitars, retro keyboards, powerful bass lines, driving drums, and catchy vocals. This sonic alchemy creates an electrifying essence that pulsates through the veins of time.

On the brink of destruction, where a warming climate roils the sea and evil has arisen, only one band stands tall atop a mighty mountain. Only the band whose music transcends beyond art into a glorious culture born unto humankind. Only the band with enough groove to soothe the mighty ocean. The music of life, whereby lies hope yet for our fleeting civilization. Listen with thine own ears and with passion gaze upon the most undeniable pleasure. A gift. A binding. A mingling of souls. Brenyama.

Richard, a conjurer of guitars and vocals, and Maki, a sorceress of keyboards and vocals, birthed Brenyama from the fog of passion. Their mission: to breathe life into retro rock, infusing it into the hidden arteries of the East Coast's indie and rock underworlds.

From the dawn of their first release in 2016, Brenyama has been a kaleidoscope of influences. They channel the spirits of 1960s pop and garage rock, echo the raw power of CBGB's prime punk, and shimmer with the hues of 80s new wave and 90s alternative. Their debut record, the power pop, garage rock influenced  “Euphoria Love” was signed by Jem Records, a label renowned for working with legends like Cheap Trick, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and The Cure. Jem Records has since rejuvenated its roster to include The Bayonets (featuring Brian Ray from Paul McCartney's band), The Anderson Council, and The Grip Weeds, all of which have inspired Brenyama's distinctive style.

Their sophomore spell, "Relative Dimensions," a conjuration of alternative rock and pop-punk, was forged in the crucible of GCR Studios. This opportunity, a whisper from Good Charamel Records, overseen by Robby Takac of Goo Goo Dolls fame, opened new portals. Takac, the maestro of the Music Is Art Festival in Buffalo, NY, has welcomed Brenyama thrice to this surreal stage.

In the eerie silence of 2020's lockdowns, Brenyama turned inward, recording raw, garage rock incantations like "99 Lives" and "Go-Go Kanojo." These tracks, steeped in 60s garage essence, the subsequent vinyl release of these tracks remains one of their best-selling releases to date.

2022 brought an invitation from the enigmatic David Bash for the International Pop Overthrow Festival in Liverpool, UK. Brenyama stood upon the hallowed stage of the Cavern Club, a dream woven into reality.

Now, having journeyed from New Jersey to the sun-scorched deserts of Phoenix, Arizona, Brenyama continues to mesmerize with new creations. Recorded at Full Well Recording Studio, "Somebody (Just Like You)" and "Time Has Come" shimmer with the spirit of 80s new wave and alternative rock. These 2024 incantations are lauded as their most potent enchantments yet.

With the addition of Phil Cowan on bass, Alex Ridgeway on drums, and Kevin Cramsey on second guitar, Brenyama's sound swells, a tidal wave of auditory magic. They stand ready, poised to unleash their third album with a vengeance that echoes through the corridors of rock.

Maki & Richard Brenyama - Keyboards, Guitar, and Vocals

Alex Ridgeway - Drums

Phil Cowan - Bass

Kevin Cramsey  - Guitars